Work In Progress / 21 January 2021

Ideas 1

Amidst the temporary housing hopping and flat viewings, this marks the end of my first week of my Master’s in Comics and Graphic Novels and as part of our course we need to document our process.

I tend to usually start with plot or world ideas before anything else (so this first blog post will mainly be filled with thought processes more than artwork). I try my best to jot down any spur of the moment thoughts so you’ll find my phone is filled with one line notes of hypothetical situations that I hope to one day get to. Though, some are more non-sensical than others (for example: “A polytheistic polyarchy where everyone is polyamorous” or “a pessimistic optimist meets an optimistic pessimist”).

But in preparation for the course i’ve been diligently racking my brain these past few weeks for any potentially usable ideas and I feel like I’ve managed to conjure up atleast 3 for now. (If only i could predict when they come at me)

 Character sheet for Guy & SAI from Coin Operated Clone (co created with Natasha Marie)
These are some quick designs for an ancient SAI companion. The original SAI design derived from the two cameras found on the back of my iphone 8 plus.

The first is an idea for a story where a man is attempting to rebuild a robotic companion he had lost in his youth. This idea stems alot from a current collaborative project that I am working on (with the incredible writer Natasha Marie) called Coin Operated Clone. My favourite character within this story is the main character’s robotic companion SAI, which stands for Symbiotic Artificial Intelligence. Now this story takes place in a very very distant second post-apocalyptic universe and every time I draw SAI’s character I can’t help but wonder what sort of technology his “ancestors” were. So I often like to imagine more ancient looking versions of SAI that exist in a not so distant future. And because I have such a fond attachment to the character I like to imagine that someone in the not so distant future would have a similar attachment as well.

An illustration I did a while back titled Compulsion

Another story idea is based on my experience with OCD. Which, to some extent I’m not entirely certain I am comfortable writing about just yet. But it’s definitely been something thats brewed in my mind a lot. I really like the comparison of OCD as a seperate entity because a lot of the time it feels that way as it’s thought processes are based on things that are completely irrational, and you are fully aware of the irrationality of it, yet despite that awareness at times you can’t fight it.  So I sort of have an idea in mind of a child growing up with a kind of imaginary friend/monster that has an insatiable hunger and the boy feeds it compulsions and it grows and consumes aspects of his life. 

Quick brainstorming, playing around with shapes, trying to get a feel for how these idea creatures could look.

Another story Idea came to me while listening to chapter 2 of Big Magic, its a chapter where she basically says that if only creative ideas just organically came to you, and you somehow created some sort of energy that attracted them to you. So it got me thinking what if it did work that way? And in some invisible realm around us there exists spiritual/anthropomorphised embodiments of ideas/thoughts. In other words creature like representation of thoughts (like “I feel fat “ or  “we should be treated equal” or “we need an invention like the mop” or even negative derogatory thoughts) and these sort of weird awkward creatures that are invisible to us, basically scatter across the world like insects, trying to find viable hosts to inhabit. But maybe not everyone is a perfect fit? This is probably the least incubated story idea of the three but I feel its mainly due to the fact that it can go in so many directions. And I need to find my position within this mini world first before I can begin to comprehend what kind of story I would like to tell.

So yea so far that’s where I am at, still at the very beginnings, though I feel like I need to put on my big boy trousers and crack on XD