Making Of / 30 August 2021

The Making of 2 Page Beano

The Beano was the most challenging projects to date. When setting out on this project, my personal challenge was to create a work that was Beano-esque as opposed to a Beano that was in my style. For this reason, I felt it essential to use the balloons, text, and sound effects provided by the Beano staff and lettering entirely in InDesign (which was a learning curve all in itself). I also recreated the border styles that can be found in Beano comics. I chose this approach because I felt I am often far too comfortable drawing within my style, and I wanted to see if I could emulate another style without compromising my workflow too much. 

Fig. 1 work in progress of page 1 of Minnie Script

While working on this, I was surprised to find that my workflow was not compromised, at least not in a technical sense. However, my motivation to complete the task was greatly diminished. I learned that a lot of the joy in drawing could be taken away when forcing yourself to draw in ways you aren't interested in. The page in Fig. 1 took me a day to get to that stage, which was pretty quick; however, it stayed in that state for quite a few weeks before I even felt I could pick it up again. 

Fig. 2 Lettering modifications 

Despite having left 1/3 of most panels free for lettering, the main issues pointed out by the Beano editors were relating to my balloon placement.   Fig 2 shows a couple of panels and how I reworked the lettering by moving balloons around to ensure vital aspects of the imagery were not covered. 

To read the full Beano Comic click here.